OpenAI ChatGPT-4 is coming very soon, what changes can come in the tech world?

March 19, 2023

OpenAI ChatGPT-4 is coming very soon, what changes can come in the tech world?

There is probably not one in a million people who use the net but have not heard the name ChatGPT. Soon after its release in November last year, there was a huge uproar in the net world. The world has never seen such power of application of artificial intelligence. Because of that, this application got 5 million subscribers in just 5 days, which no other platform could do before.

Now the creator and parent company of Chat GPT, OpenAI, has announced that they are going to release GPT 4 next week.  The current version is GPT 3.5.


What is GPT 4?

 GPT 4 is the new version of OpenAI's language model, it is a chatbot that has trained with large amounts of data. The OpenAI company has named the new version GPT 4 as a large multimodel. ChATGPT 3.5 was able to transcript human's natural language. But GPT 4 not only answers the questions asked by humans but also generates answers from images and questions more accurately and fluently.


A few days ago a picture went viral showing the parameters of GPT 3.5 and GPT 4. It was given that GP 3.5 was trained with 175 billion data and on the other hand GPT 4 was trained with 100 billion parameters data. So according to these parameters, GPT 4 is a more powerful tool than GPT 3.5. At present, everyone can not use the new version of GPT4. It can be used by only those who have purchased a CHATGPT Plus subscription.


The difference between CHATGPT 3.5 and GPT 4:


Well, there are some differences between GPT 3.5 and GPT 4. The difference is given below


Image recognition: GPT 4 can recognize Images, audio, and videos that GPT 3.5 Couldn't able to recognize. Even a blind person can use GPT 4 to take an explanation of a specific subject and GPT 4 can give precise and accurate answers on that subject. 

Improve response Limit: GPT 3.5 could respond maximum of 3 thousand words. But GPT 4 can respond to about 25000 words.  It is capable of summarizing a large article to a concise result, Which GPT 3.5 couldn't do. Also, GPT 4 can process many advanced commands.

Improve Language Translation:  GPT 4 has many upgrades in terms of language translation. ChatGPT 3.5 is utterly inefficient in emulating the Bengali language. But on the other hand, GPT can simulate many other languages including Bengali very easily and accurately. 


OpenAI has given some result limitations to their language model ChatGPT 3.5. If you ask GPT 3.5 any harmful question which is not right to ask it will not give you the answers. But if those questions can be turned back to CHATGPT 3.5 then maybe it will answer. But GPT 4 would not answer any such Harmful question.  GPT 4 maintains a lot of security in this process.


So technically GPT 4 is a more powerful tool than GPT 3.5 

An interesting new feature of CHATGPT 4 is the ability to do much more advanced customization.  That is, it will be able to remember your preferences and previous conversations.  To put it more simply, it will feel more like your personal secretary, who remembers your likes, dislikes, and past actions - everything perfectly.  It will make the interaction with the user easier, natural, and perfect.

The most amazing thing is that if it does not know about a subject, it can increase its knowledge by knowing everything about it from the Internet and can cross-check to verify the information.  That is, there will be no need to manually input any data in its learning module.  That is, in simple words, it learns every intention like a human, it can remember it perfectly.

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